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At Patriot Counter Terrorism Academy our main course objectives are designed to empower and educate Americans through knowledge and training. Each of our courses provide the tools necessary for saving lives, while focusing on situational awareness with a combat mindset.

Home Defense

Hostage negotiation

KRAV MAGA Men & Women's Self-Defense

Active shooter – Situational awareness, with a combat mind set, Duck, Cover, Assess

Waterborne Security (anti-piracy) 

Improvised explosive device, detection (IED)

Combative training for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW)

Mechanical Advantage Control Holds (MACHS), Prison Handling techniques

Tactical Pistol for Women ONLY

Flash light training for low Light and No Light Shooting scenarios

Use of Force pertaining to the California Penal code

Tactical Combat shooting course for Military and Law Enforcement

Tactical Pistol I (Basic)

Tactical Pistol II (intermediate)

Tactical Pistol III (Advanced)

Tactical Rifle / Tactical Pistol

Combat Shotgun

Tactical Communication

Tactical Rifle I (Basic)

Tactical Rifle II (Intermediate)

Tactical Rifle III (Advanced)

Close Quarter Pistol (Advanced)

PCTA’S primary Shooting Ranges are at South Bay Rod and Gun, located at 1020 Marron Valley Rd. Dulzura, CA. 91917 phone # (619) 468-3070 and the Glockstore, Located at 4770 Ruffner St, San Diego, CA. 92111 phone # (858) 569-4000. Check calendar dates for future classes and times

PCTA request that all students register for courses 30 days prior to class convening. Late registration is to be expected, but once classes are filled the availability for booking will be closed. There is a minimum booking of 5 students per class, and a maximum of 24 students per class.

There are no refunds if less than 10 days’ notification is given by the student and there will also be a 10% cancellation fee added for all cancellations. (See Training Application for class details and our release of liability waiver, this must be signed prior to attending any PCTA courses of instruction). If You have any questions concerning this process or just class specific questions, please contact PCTA at 619-517-6420

All Students are required to bring their own ammunition for each course of fire, sunscreen as needed and enough food and water for the day

We Accept Android pay, Apple pay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please make checks payable to “PCTA INC”