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Naval Special Warfare Combatant Crew Member, SWCC (1993-2003)


As a SWCC operator I specialized in providing small-caliber gunfire support on specialized high-tech, high-speed, and low profile Surface Combatant Craft to secretly infiltrate and ex-filtrate Navy SEALs on Special Operations missions worldwide. These missions include Direct Action on land, sea, coastline or rivers (such as strikes, captures, and ship take downs by Visit, Board, Search and Seizure)

A Weapons Instructor and Armory Specialist

Cj Pantino

• Monitor. evaluate, or record training activities or program effectiveness.
• Organize and develop, or obtain, training procedure manuals and guides and course materials such as handouts and visual materials.


Mr. Evans served over 25 years in the United State Navy as a Chief Master EOD Warfare Specialist in the Maritime Security/Protection field. He has worked every faucet of Maritene Security/Protectron from the MK 6 Marine Mammal System Anti-Swimmer Detachment to the Mine Countermeasures throughout the Middle East and IRAQ.

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez is a 7th degree black belt in the Korean Art of Tang Soo Do, a 6th degree black belt in Shaolin Goju-Ryu, and a tournament champion. He is an owner, and partner of the Martial Arts Warriors Academy. He also currently teaches antiterrorism force protection program to the United States Navy that includes defensive tactics and weapons training, on base as a contractor. He is retired from the Navy with over 23 years of service. He believes the martial arts science build character and maturity while giving students the tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Dan Shomo

Dan Shomo is a former Navy SEAL Team operator with over ten years experience in Naval Special Warfare.

He served in Desert Storm and Participated in support and execution of Naval Special Warfare missions worldwide.

He is currently a private military contractor and Weapons and Tactics Instructor. serving in various parts of the world supporting the US government and its allies in the global war on terror since 2001


Brad Albertson

Brad Albertson is a former Reconnaissance Marine with over eight years
active duty. He served with 1 st Reconnaissance BN. Stationed on Camp Pendelton, Ca. and also with EODMU1 in San Diego, Ca. as a counter mine measures VSW combat diver. Experienced in leading Recon Marines as an assistant team leader and team leader. Very experienced in clandestine operations tactics from insert to extraction and everything in between. As a Recon Marine, you are the eyes and ears of the Marine Corps, and are a “jack of all trades”.


Warren A. Moore

Retired US Navy Veteran 1977 – 1997 seeking a position where my many years of leadership and management experience will be utilized to the utmost potential and contribute to the company’s overall success, by providing  and utilizing my pyrotechnics skills.


Nick Bohr

Nick has a career spanning 14 years of military experience serving in positions ranging from Infantry Rifleman within the U.S Army to Naval Special Warfare as a Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman operator. Highly experienced in the latest weapons, reconnaissance, surveillance, counter drug operations and special Operations techniques. 


Jeff Sandoval

Jeff Sandoval is a former U.S. Army 3rd group Special Forces Green Beret, Charlie demo expert

· Combat tours (2008, 2009 Iraq) (Afghanistan 2011, 2013, 2014)

· During Jeff’s career, he was fortunate enough to work alongside outstanding leaders training afghan special forces and their local police force.

David Tucker

Dave’s past career in Navy Special warfare has a track record of undoubted work ethic, qualifications, professional skills, and techniques. Combined with his unflinching optimism and dedication, his focus is beyond reproach when it comes to the importance of training.

Jonathan Wechter

My name is Jonathan Wechter, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I now reside in San Diego, California. I was stationed at Fort. Lewis McCord with the Second Ranger Battalion, where I trained and specialized in Infantry tactics, close quarters combat, airborne operations and airfield seizures. While I was stationed at the  82nd airborne division, I taught infantry procedures and tactics. During my time at Second Ranger Battalion, I had Multiple combat deployments. As a Ranger, I held various positions within the team.